Monday, July 27, 2009


So many thoughts are running through my head as I think about this life that I am living and the glimpse of it you will see as you read this blog. So much has changed for me over the last year. We had a baby, moved 4 times, changed jobs, and bought our first house. Amidst all the changes, one thing has stayed the same, God. He is the number one inspiration for the way I live my life. As I have started "stalking" other bloggers and realizing the impact a person can have through this media outlet, I began to dream of what my blog could look like. I want to use this blog to share with you all of my inspirations and the resulting projects, disasters or successes, that arise from them.


jon and katie said...

hi heather! i'm glad to see you are blogging! :) i am trying to get into my blog, too, so it is fun to have company! i am glad you are doing well and will look forward to reading your blog! :) love, katie

Barbara Jean said...

All right!!

Let's hear it for God!!

Blessings as you share your walk.

barbara jean