Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

When I first read my friend's post for this blog (, I thought, "there aren't that many things I would claim I didn't do..." Then, I started thinking about my day...

It wasn't me who put socks on my one year old to cover up the fact that her feet needed to be washed but we didn't have time.

It wasn't me who packed veggies and chicken (without realizing it) for my one year old to have for breakfast at Gramma's house today.

It wasn't me who didn't feed my one year breakfast before taking her to Gramma's house today.

It wasn't me who inwardly rejoiced when 4 out of 6 of my meetings today were postponed or canceled.

It wasn't me who ate a granola bar mid morning after skipping breakfast.

It wasn't me who said "I'll watch the baby" and then went and sat down at my computer.

It wasn't me who wanted to keep watching TV and fed my one year old dinner while propped up on the couch instead of in her high chair.

It wasn't me who made instant mashed potatoes and reheated leftovers for dinner.

And it certainly wasn't me who posted these things for everyone to read!


Kintigh Family said...

Love it! These are great heather. I am really looking forward to Saturday! Have a great day.

Tracey said... sound like a pretty "normal" mom to me! These made me smile!

:) T

Let it Shine said...

We all have those moments!
Love your window frame idea!